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Understanding Aidvantage Student Loan: A Trusted Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Aidvantage Student Loan. If you’re searching for the best student loan options, Aidvantage is an excellent choice. As a trusted student loan servicer specializing in managing federal student loans, Aidvantage offers a wide range of repayment plans and additional features to support borrowers throughout their loan journey. In this guide, we will provide you with detailed information about Aidvantage’s services, eligibility requirements, loan forgiveness programs, and how to effectively manage your student loans with Aidvantage.

Table of Contents

Key Takeaways:

  • Aidvantage is a legitimate student loan servicer specializing in managing federal student loans.
  • Aidvantage offers various repayment options, including standard and extended plans, graduated plans, and income-driven plans.
  • They provide additional features such as autopay benefits and the option to postpone payments through deferment or forbearance.
  • Aidvantage is approved by Federal Student Aid (FSA) to manage Direct loans and Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) Loans.
  • Aidvantage student loans are eligible for various loan forgiveness programs, such as income-driven repayment forgiveness and Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF).

Aidvantage Student Loan Servicing: What You Need to Know

Aidvantage is a trusted student loan servicer that provides comprehensive support for managing federal student loans. Understanding the loan options, eligibility criteria, and refinancing possibilities offered by Aidvantage is essential for borrowers seeking to navigate the complexities of student loan repayment.

Loan Options

Aidvantage offers a range of loan options to suit borrowers’ unique financial situations. Whether you’re looking for standard repayment plans with fixed payments, extended plans for more manageable monthly installments, or graduated plans that start with lower payments and increase over time, Aidvantage has you covered. Additionally, Aidvantage provides income-driven repayment plans, which adjust your monthly payments based on your income and family size.

Loan Eligibility

To be eligible for Aidvantage student loan servicing, you must have federal student loans managed by the company. Aidvantage is approved by Federal Student Aid (FSA) to handle Direct loans and Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) Loans on behalf of the Department of Education. If you have loans in either of these programs, you can benefit from Aidvantage’s services.

Loan Refinancing Options

Aidvantage offers refinancing options for borrowers looking to streamline their loan payments or potentially secure lower interest rates. Through federal loan consolidation, Aidvantage can combine multiple loans into a single loan, simplifying repayment. It’s important to note that when you refinance with a private lender, such as through Aidvantage’s private loan refinancing option, you may lose certain federal benefits like income-driven repayment plans and loan forgiveness programs.

Repayment Plans and Loan Forgiveness with Aidvantage

Aidvantage offers a range of repayment plans designed to accommodate the unique financial circumstances of federal student loan borrowers. These plans provide assistance in managing student loan debt and finding an approach that aligns with borrowers’ budgets and goals. With varying interest rates and payment structures, borrowers have options to choose from that suit their needs.

Table: Repayment Plans Offered by Aidvantage

Repayment PlanInterest RatePayment Structure
Standard PlanFixedEqual monthly payments over a set term
Extended PlanFixedEqual monthly payments over an extended term
Graduated PlanFixed for a period, then increasesPayments start lower and increase every two years
Income-Driven PlansVariesPayments based on borrower’s income and family size

Aidvantage student loans are also eligible for various loan forgiveness programs, providing opportunities for borrowers to have their loan balances forgiven after meeting certain criteria. These programs include income-driven repayment forgiveness, Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF), teacher loan forgiveness, total and permanent disability discharge, and closed school discharge.

Quote: “Repayment plans offered by Aidvantage are designed to provide flexibility and assistance to borrowers in managing their student loan debt. From fixed plans with equal monthly payments to income-driven plans that adjust based on income, Aidvantage strives to help borrowers find an approach that suits their financial circumstances.” – Aidvantage spokesperson.

Managing Your Aidvantage Student Loans

Borrowers who have their federal student loans serviced by Aidvantage can manage their loans through various channels. This includes applying for loans, reporting income for income-driven repayment plans, and consolidating loans.

Loan Application

To apply for a federal student loan through Aidvantage, borrowers can visit their website and complete the online loan application process. The application will require personal and financial information, such as Social Security Number, income details, and contact information. It is important to provide accurate and up-to-date information to ensure the timely processing of the loan application.

Reporting Income

Reporting income to Aidvantage is essential for borrowers enrolled in income-driven repayment plans. These plans base the monthly loan payments on the borrower’s income and family size. To report income, Aidvantage provides a document that borrowers can use to self-report their income. This document can be found on the Aidvantage website or requested from their customer service team. It is important to report income accurately and promptly to ensure that the monthly loan payments are adjusted accordingly.

Loan Consolidation

Consolidating loans through Aidvantage can simplify monthly payments by combining multiple federal student loans into a single loan with one monthly payment. This can make it easier to manage the loan repayment and potentially lower the interest rates. Borrowers who are interested in loan consolidation can find more information on the Aidvantage website or contact their customer service team for assistance.

1Visit the Aidvantage website
2Complete the online loan application form
3Provide accurate personal and financial information
4Submit the loan application
5Use the provided document to self-report income for income-driven repayment plans
6Contact Aidvantage customer service for assistance with loan consolidation

Aidvantage Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

Aidvantage student loans offer borrowers the opportunity to take advantage of various loan forgiveness programs. These programs can provide significant relief for borrowers struggling with the burden of student loan debt. Here are some of the loan forgiveness programs available to Aidvantage borrowers:

Income-Driven Repayment Forgiveness

One of the key forgiveness programs offered by Aidvantage is the Income-Driven Repayment (IDR) Forgiveness program. Under this program, borrowers can extend their repayment term to 20 or 25 years, depending on the specific IDR plan they choose. After making consistent payments over the designated period, any remaining balance on the loan is forgiven.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)

For borrowers working in public service professions, the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program can be a valuable option. This program allows borrowers working full-time for government or nonprofit organizations to have their remaining loan balance forgiven after making 120 qualifying payments. It’s crucial for borrowers to meet the specific requirements and ensure they are eligible for PSLF before pursuing this forgiveness option.

Teacher Loan Forgiveness

Borrowers who work as educators in schools serving low-income communities may be eligible for the Teacher Loan Forgiveness program. This program allows for the forgiveness of up to $18,500 of federal student loan debt after five years of qualifying service. Teachers must meet specific criteria to be eligible for this forgiveness program.

It’s important to note that each forgiveness program has its own set of requirements and eligibility criteria. Borrowers should carefully review the terms and conditions of each program and determine which options best suit their individual circumstances. Additionally, Aidvantage provides assistance and guidance to borrowers seeking forgiveness, helping them navigate the application process and ensure they meet all necessary requirements.

Contacting Aidvantage Customer Service

If you have any questions or concerns about your Aidvantage student loan, you can easily reach out to their customer service team. Whether you need assistance with loan payments, account management, or any other loan-related inquiries, the Aidvantage customer service representatives are available to help.

To contact Aidvantage, you can call their customer service number at Aidvantage contact number. Their dedicated team is ready to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your student loan. Please note that customer service hours may vary, so it’s advisable to contact them during their designated hours of operation to ensure prompt assistance.

In addition to phone support, Aidvantage also provides the option to reach out via email. You can use the “Email Us” feature available in their Help Center to send your inquiries. When contacting customer service, remember to provide your account details and include sufficient information about your query to help them assist you effectively.

For loan payments, you can send your payments to the designated Aidvantage address for loan payments. This address ensures that your payments are processed correctly and applied to your student loan account. If you need to send general correspondence to Aidvantage, you can use the provided Aidvantage address. It’s important to include your account number and provide detailed information in your inquiries or correspondence to ensure a prompt response and efficient resolution.

Resolving Issues with Aidvantage

While Aidvantage strives to provide excellent service to its borrowers, there may be instances where issues or disputes arise. In such cases, there are steps you can take to address and resolve these concerns. Here’s a guide on how to complain about Aidvantage and settle disputes effectively:

1. Contact Aidvantage Customer Service:

If you have a complaint or dispute with Aidvantage, the first step is to reach out to their customer service department. You can contact them through the Aidvantage customer service hotline, which is available during specified hours of operation. It’s important to clearly communicate your issue and provide any supporting documentation or evidence to help facilitate a resolution.

2. Escalate Your Complaint:

If your issue remains unresolved or you are dissatisfied with the response from Aidvantage customer service, you have several options for escalation. You can submit a complaint to the Federal Student Aid Feedback System, your state attorney general’s office, your state consumer protection office, or your congressional representative. These entities can intervene on your behalf and work towards a resolution.

3. Contact the Federal Student Aid Ombudsman Group:

If all other avenues have been exhausted and your dispute still remains unresolved, you can contact the Federal Student Aid Ombudsman Group. The Ombudsman Group is an independent, neutral entity that helps resolve disputes between borrowers and loan servicers. They will review your case and work towards a fair resolution. It’s important to provide detailed information, including records of previous communication and any supporting evidence, to assist in their evaluation.

Resolving issues with Aidvantage requires clear communication and a proactive approach. By following these steps, you can address your concerns effectively and seek a resolution that is fair and satisfactory.

Changes in Aidvantage Student Loan Servicing

Aidvantage is undergoing changes in its student loan servicing as the Department of Education prepares to sign new contracts with different companies. This means that borrowers who currently have their loans serviced by Aidvantage may experience a transfer to a new loan servicer. It is essential for borrowers to stay informed about these changes to ensure a smooth transition and to update their contact information accordingly.

During a loan servicing transfer, borrowers will receive notifications from Aidvantage detailing the transfer process and providing instructions on how to manage their loans with the new servicer. It is crucial for borrowers to follow these instructions carefully to avoid any disruption in their loan repayment activities. Failure to update contact information can result in missed communications from the new loan servicer, leading to potential issues in managing the loan.

To stay updated on loan servicing changes, borrowers should regularly check their email and postal mail for communications from Aidvantage. Additionally, they can visit the Aidvantage website or contact customer service for any inquiries or clarifications regarding the transfer process. Being proactive and attentive to these changes will help borrowers effectively navigate the transition and continue managing their student loans without interruptions.

Table: Comparison of Aidvantage and New Loan Servicer

AspectAidvantageNew Loan Servicer
Servicing ExperienceEstablished and reputableDepends on new servicer
Customer ServiceExperienced representativesVaries by servicer
Loan ProgramsWide range of optionsDepends on new servicer
Online Account ManagementUser-friendly interfaceVaries by servicer

Note: The table provides a general comparison and may vary based on the specific new loan servicer assigned by the Department of Education. Borrowers will receive detailed information about the new servicer and their offerings during the transfer process.

Aidvantage vs Other Loan Servicers: A Comparison

When it comes to managing your student loans, it’s important to understand the differences between loan servicers. Aidvantage, as a prominent loan servicer, has gained attention after taking over federal student loan accounts from Navient. However, it’s crucial to compare Aidvantage to other loan servicers like Navient and OSLA to make informed decisions regarding your student loans.

One key aspect to consider is customer service experience. While all loan servicers offer similar options and programs, the level of customer service can vary. Aidvantage aims to provide improved customer service compared to its predecessors, focusing on addressing borrower concerns and providing guidance throughout the loan management process.

Another important factor to examine is the ease of communication and responsiveness. Aidvantage, Navient, and OSLA all offer customer service channels, but the efficiency and effectiveness of their response times may differ. Comparing these loan servicers in terms of contact availability, response times, and problem resolution can help borrowers choose the provider that best meets their needs.

Loan ServicerCustomer Service ExperienceCommunication and ResponsivenessOther Differentiating Factors
AidvantageFocuses on improved customer serviceEfficient and responsiveAdditional features like autopay benefits
NavientVaries; mixed customer experiencesResponse times can varyProvides private loan servicing options
OSLAVaries; mixed customer experiencesResponse times can varyOffers loan forgiveness options for teachers

“Choosing the right loan servicer is crucial for effectively managing your student loans. Understanding the differences between Aidvantage, Navient, and OSLA can help borrowers make informed decisions and ensure a smooth loan repayment journey.”

Comparing Aidvantage to other loan servicers allows borrowers to evaluate the overall experience, communication, and responsiveness when managing their student loans. By choosing the most suitable loan servicer, borrowers can navigate the loan repayment process with confidence and have access to the support and resources they need.


In summary, Aidvantage is a trusted and reputable student loan servicer that specializes in managing federal student loans. With their extensive experience and range of services, Aidvantage offers borrowers various repayment options, including standard and extended plans, graduated plans, and income-driven plans. Additionally, they provide features such as autopay benefits and the option to postpone payments through deferment or forbearance. Aidvantage is approved by Federal Student Aid (FSA) to manage Direct loans and Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) Loans on behalf of the Department of Education.

By utilizing the resources and assistance provided by Aidvantage, borrowers can effectively navigate the process of repaying their student loans and work towards financial stability. It is essential for borrowers to be proactive in understanding their options and staying informed about any changes in loan servicing. Contacting Aidvantage customer service for any inquiries or issues can help ensure a smooth loan management experience.

Overall, Aidvantage serves as a comprehensive student loan guide, providing an overview of repayment plans, loan forgiveness programs, and additional features. By choosing Aidvantage as their loan servicer, borrowers can access the support they need to successfully manage their student loans and take control of their financial future.

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Is Aidvantage a legitimate student loan servicer?

Yes, Aidvantage is a legitimate student loan servicer that specializes in managing federal student loans.

What services does Aidvantage offer to borrowers?

Aidvantage offers various repayment options, loan consolidation assistance, and timely payment management.

What repayment plans are available through Aidvantage?

Aidvantage offers standard, extended, graduated, and income-driven repayment plans.

Are Aidvantage loans eligible for loan forgiveness?

Yes, Aidvantage student loans are eligible for loan forgiveness programs such as income-driven repayment forgiveness, Public Service Loan Forgiveness, and teacher loan forgiveness.

How can borrowers manage their Aidvantage student loans?

Borrowers can manage their Aidvantage student loans through various channels, including online applications, income reporting, and loan consolidation.

How can borrowers contact Aidvantage customer service?

Borrowers can contact Aidvantage customer service by calling the Aidvantage contact number or using the Email Us feature in the Help Center.

What should borrowers do if they have unresolved issues with Aidvantage?

Borrowers can file a complaint directly with the company’s customer service department and escalate the complaint if necessary to the Federal Student Aid Feedback System, state attorney general’s office, state consumer protection office, or congressional representative.

Will there be any changes in loan servicing with Aidvantage?

The Department of Education is planning to update the student loan servicing landscape, which may result in loan servicing transfers from Aidvantage to other companies. Borrowers will be notified in such cases.

How does Aidvantage compare to other loan servicers?

Aidvantage is a reputable loan servicer, and while all loan servicers provide the same options and programs, the customer service experience may vary.

Q: Are student loans through Aidvantage being forgiven?

A: No, student loans through Aidvantage are not being forgiven. Aidvantage is a student loan servicer that manages federal student loans, but it does not have the authority to forgive loans. Borrowers who are seeking loan forgiveness should contact their loan servicer or the Department of Education for information on available forgiveness programs.

Q: Is Aidvantage considered a federal student loan?

A: No, Aidvantage is not a federal student loan. It is a student loan servicer that manages federal student loans on behalf of the Department of Education. Borrowers who have federal student loans may have their loans serviced by Aidvantage, but the loans themselves are still federal loans.

Q: Why are my student loans being transferred to Aidvantage?

A: Student loans may be transferred to Aidvantage if the Department of Education decides to change loan servicers. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as a change in contract or a decision to consolidate loan servicing. Borrowers should receive notification from their current loan servicer if their loans are being transferred to Aidvantage.

Q: What are the problems with Aidvantage?

A: Aidvantage has faced criticism from borrowers and advocacy groups for its handling of federal student loans. Some borrowers have reported difficulties obtaining information about their loans, including problems contacting the company and inaccurate account information2. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has received nearly 100 complaints from federal student loan borrowers involving Aidvantage5. However, Aidvantage has stated that many of these complaints are unfounded and that it is prepared to handle the return to repayment for federal student loans5.

Q: What is the Aidvantage controversy?

A: The Aidvantage controversy involves concerns about the company’s ability to manage federal student loans effectively. Aidvantage is a subsidiary of Maximus, a company that has faced criticism for its handling of government contracts in other areas3. Some borrowers and advocacy groups have expressed concern that Aidvantage may not be prepared to handle the return to repayment for federal student loans, which were paused during the COVID-19 pandemic5. However, Aidvantage has stated that it is prepared to handle the return to repayment and that many of the complaints against the company are unfounded5.

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